Standard Surface Analyst Calibration Service - 7001, XA & DS

Regular price $4,000

For the best service, please review our Subscription Service Options which include an annual calibration, a full instrument warranty, priority handling, and much more.

Keep your instrument preforming at the highest levels and maintain your manufacturing compliance with an annual instrument calibration.

  • Includes a 50-point device inspection
  • The Surface Analyst’s measuring performance is verified for accuracy using a precision laboratory balance and LabVIEW software
  • Contact angle is verified using a benchtop goniometer
  • New water cartridge is provided in the device
  • Completed at location of XA.

This is only designed for the 7001 XA or DS instruments. Brighton Science recommends having your instrument calibrated annually to maintain accuracy.

For more information on differences between calibration options click here.

The first step of starting a calibration is right here. After purchase, you will receive an e-mail to schedule your onsite calibration.

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